Proceeding of the 8th International Workshop on Computational Electronics

Information and instructions for the authors

The workshop proceedings will be published on the Journal of Computational Electronics, a new Kluwer publication.

The authors should submit at the beginning of the workshop 3 copies of their paper, so that reviews can be arranged in a timely fashion. We have a very tight schedule to meet the publication deadline for the April 2002 special issue, and the cooperation of the authors to reach this goal is needed and appreciated.

There will be a hard limit of 6 journal pages for invited papers and 4 pages for contributed papers. Note that this limit cannot be exceeded under any circumstances. The projected number of pages, according to the final version of the workshop program, is exactly the maximum allowed by the publisher for the special issue. The first page of each paper should contain title, list of authors and affiliation, an abstract and 3 to 6 keywords.  The corresponding author should prepare also a paper submission form, indicating address, e-mail, and phone number. (Download paper submission form)

After the reviews have been completed, the authors should provide for publication hard copies of the revised manuscript, a set of original publication-quality figures, a signed copyright transfer form, and an electronic version of the paper. To expedite the process, it would be useful if authors could already bring a completed copyright form at the time of the workshop.

General instructions for the preparation of the manuscripts and the copyright transfer form are available at the Web page


NEW - Guidelines for estimating paper length

Since the proceedings contributions are limited to a fixed number of pages, we have prepared a template that you can use to gauge the total length of the printed paper.  NOTE: follow this template to see if your contribution stays within the limits, but DO NOT submit your original paper in this format.  The publisher will need an original in the format specified by the instructions at the link above, with original figures printed on separate pages and not embedded in the paper.  Also, given the size of each printed page, the space allowance is already fairly generous.  Do not try to squeeze too much material to fit the template, because eventually the typesetting may have to differ from what you come up with and papers may overflow.  Excessively long formulas, figures or tables that do not reduce well, may require extra space.  Please, make allowance for that, or eliminate unnecessary items.

The publisher has also suggested the following formula to estimate pages.  Again, this is approximate, so try not to push it to the extreme or the papers may end up exceeding the limits.  

FORMULA: Count the number of lines per page; count the number of characters per line; count the number of full pages. Multiply these three numbers and divide the total by 4600.  The result should indicate the APPROXIMATE number of printed pages. As far as tables/figures go, usually we estimate 3 - 4 figures per page, and we estimate the table pages depending upon the size of the table...(I.e., if it's a large table and cannot be reduced, it will probably take one page; two or three smaller tables may fit on one page, etc..).


Note that the instructions are written for general submissions to the Journal of Computational Electronics. The papers for this special issue containing the proceedings of IWCE 8 should not be sent directly to the publisher. Original and revised papers should be submitted exclusively to the editor of the proceedings:

Prof. Umberto Ravaioli
3255 Beckman Institute
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
405 N. Mathews Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801, USA
Tel: (217) 244-5765  -  FAX: (217) 244-4333