(8 August 1996)

Preliminary Announcement


Fifth International Workshop on Computational Electronics
Notre Dame, Indiana
May 28-30, 1997


The Fifth International Workshop on Computational Electronics (IWCE-5) will be held at the University of Notre Dame on May 28-30, 1997. The workshop will cover all aspects of advanced simulation of electronic transport in semiconductors and semiconductor devices, particularly those which use large computational resources. As in the past, major topics will include:

These topics will serve to define different sessions with invited speakers for each. To maintain a workshop environment, tutorial presentations will also be organized to appeal to new students in the field of computational electronics as well as to practitioners.

The workshop is intended to be an international forum for the discussion on the current trends and the future directions of computational electronics. The emphasis of the contributions will be on interdisciplinary aspects of Computational Electronics, encompassing Applied Physics, Engineering and Applied Mathematics. Active participation of graduate students, including student poster papers, is strongly encouraged.

Brief History of IWCE:

The first International Workshop on Computational Electronics was held on May 28-29, 1992, at the Beckman Institute of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and attracted over 100 US scientists and engineers. In 1993, the IWCE was held in Europe, at the University of Leeds (UK) with over 60 participants. The third workshop took place on May 18-20, 1994 in Portland, Oregon, and the fourth on October 30 - November 1, 1995 in Tempe, Arizona. The attendance at both events was again around 100 participants.

The IWCE was preceded by earlier workshops on Computational Electronics (1990) and Granular Nanoelectronics (1991) organized by the National Center for Computational Electronics (NCCE), both held at the Beckman Institute. An earlier workshop on Large Scale Computational Device Modeling was held on April 18-19, 1995, at the University of Illinois.

Many participants expressed their satisfaction with the present workshop format and asked that it be continued. At IWCE-3 it was decided to hold future meetings at 18 month intervals.

Theme and Focus of IWCE-5:

The Fifth International Workshop on Computational Electronics will focus on the following three major themes:

Specific workshop agenda and a preliminary list of invited speakers will be discussed at a planning meeting in early Fall `96 to be held at the Beckman Institute.

Student Support:

Approximately 15 student stipends of $400 each will be given to help support their participation in the workshop. The availability of limited student support will be advertised and information given on how to apply for such support. The most important criterion for support will be having an accepted paper at the workshop. After that, the organizing committee will select among eligible applicants based on the quality of the work and the perceived financial need of the student.

Dissemination of Results:

The main venue for dissemination of the workshop results will be through published proceedings. In addition to the workshop participants, copies of the proceedings will be made available to other individuals or libraries/institutions who will request it.

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