Dear IWCE Author:

Invited talks have been allocated 30 minutes for presentation, including question and answer, while contributed oral presentations will have 15 minutes. Normal overhead projection facilities for viewgraphs and 35 mm slides will be available. If you have any special requests, such as video playback facilities, please let us know in advance. All posters should be put up at the beginning of the conference and remain on display over the entire course of the workshop. Each poster will have approximately 4' x 6' of space available, in either "portrait" or "landscape" format; please let us know if your poster will require a specific format.

The IWCE-5 proceedings will be published as a special volume of VLSI Design, which will be distributed to registered participants. The principal author of each article will receive 25 reprints of the article free of charge. The maximum length is 6 printed pages for invited papers and 4 pages for contributed talks and posters. Due to overall page limits of the whole volume, we can not accept papers which exceed the maximum length.

Manuscripts will be due at the beginning of the workshop and will be refereed during the meeting. Final manuscripts will be due approximately one month after the workshop. For the final submission, the publisher will also require a computer diskette with the text of the article.

Manuscripts should be submitted in manuscript style, i.e. typed double spaced text with all figures and tables grouped as artwork at the end. The articles will be typeset for the published 8.5 x 11 inch double-column journal pages of VLSI Design. Please keep this format in mind when gauging the total length of your paper. If you have any questions about manuscript preparation, please send e-mail directly to or to .


Wolfgang Porod
Chairman, IWCE-5