Scope and Topics

 This Conference provides an opportunity for the presentation and discussion of the latest advances in modeling and simulation of semiconductor devices, processes, and equipments for integrated circuits.
- Simulation and modeling based on continuum and/or particle methods for all sorts of devices including Fin, ultra-thin SOI, optoelectronics devices, lasers, TFTs, micro-sensors, spintronics devices and Carbon nanotubes.
- All sorts of process simulations and modeling based on continuum and/or atomistic approaches, including the first-principles material design and growth simulation of nano-scale fabrication.
- Compact modeling for circuit simulation, including high frequency applications.
- Process/device/circuit simulation in context with system design and verification.
- Equipment, topography, lithography modeling and algorithms.
- Interconnect modeling and algorithm including noise and parasitic effects.
- Advanced numerical methods and algorithms including grid generation, user-interface and visualization.
- Fundamental aspects of device modeling and simulation such as quantum and fluctuation issues, simulation of nano-scale novel devices such as QCA, SET, quantum neural nets and molecular devices.