Paper submissions in the traditional IWCE areas of TCAD, Monte-Carlo, Optical Processes, and Quantum Transport are requested. Focus of the presentation on novel computational aspects are encouraged. We plan to continue the tradition of workshop-like lively discussion of "nuts and bolts". Members of our community are also encouraged to engage scientists and engineers (computational as well as experimental) to provide their view of the upcoming (computational/modeling) challenges in the new growth areas of Molecular/Organic Electronics, Nano-Bio Electronics, and Alternative Computing Architectures.

2nd Call for Papers flyer, Adobe Acrobat PDF.


Please submit a one-page abstract (typed in 12pt New Roman font; preferably as a Microsoft Word or PDF attachment) plus one page figures by email to: We plan to publish the extended abstracts with IEEE (see below).

PLEASE NOTE: Submissions should be 2 PAGES ONLY, any submission that is longer than 2 pages will be automatically rejected.

An updated template in Microsoft Word is now available as well as an example:



The deadline for abstract submission is June 14, 2004. Notification of acceptance will be given in August, 2004.


We plan to publish the 2-page extended abstracts with IEEE and the separate 4-page proceedings with the Journal of Computational Electronics. Both publications will be found by library search engines. An agreement has been reached between the two publishers where the two independent publications need to acknowledge each other. The extended abstract to be published by IEEE has to contain the following statement: "A full journal publication of this work will be published in the Journal of Computational Electronics.", and can be found in the template above.

In order to publish the extended abstracts with IEEE we require that authors submit the completed IEEE Copyright Transfer Form with their abstract submission.

Abstracts should comply to IEEE-format in order to be available via IEEE Xplore. The following resources are available to aid in preparation of your abstract:


The full journal publication (proceeding) will be published by Kluwer in the Journal of Computational Electronics. It should contain the following acknowledgment: "Elements of this work have been summarized in an extended abstract published by IEEE."

The authors of accepted contributions will be requested to submit three copies of their manuscript. All papers for the proceedings are due on the first day of the conference, and will be subject to peer review during the conference.